Aleksandar Zograf Comic artist

Aleksandar Zograf (a pseudonym of Sasa Rakezic) is a comics artist from Pancevo, the author of such works as Life Under Sanctions, Psychonaut, Dream Watcher and Bulletins from Serbia. Zograf has been active on the international scene since the early '90s when his work started to appear in U.S. comics anthologies such as Weirdo and Zero Zero and Seattle's Fantagraphics Books published a few of his titles. Works by Zograf have been translated and published in many European magazines, and his solo titles have been issued by publishers L'Association in France, PuntoZero in Italy, Jochen Enterprises in Germany, Under Comics in Spain, etc.
Also, he is one of the founders of gallery Elektrika and he stands behind many, many cultural projects, especially the ones that have something to do with comics. Without him Pancevo won’t be the same.

For those who want to know more about Zograf:

Danilo Milosev 'Wostok' Comic artist

Danilo Milosev (aka Wostok, or ex-Wostok) is one of the most important underground comics authors from Serbia. Since 1995. he has been constantly publishing comics in Europe, United States and Canada. With Nabor Devolac, he published a collection of his work in an album called Nikad se ne zna. Danilo’s work is frequently published in the comics magazine Stripburger. He is also self-publishing Krpelj fanzine, which at the time of this writing has reached the 666th issue.
His comics are often rude and non-esthetic, lead by idea of constructive dilettantism, especially works he publishes in Krpelj. But Wostok can be also very sweet - just check Poposak i Cvece (done in collaboration with Grabowski).
When he is not busy drawing he is shooting low-budget films. With his brother, Zlikovac, he made over 50 short movies and video-clips.
Along with their father, who is 82 years old, they formed the band TEHNO MUDA and released 23 albums.

Nikola Vitković Comic drawer - musician

Nikola (aka Nitkov) was a very productive comic author in the ‘90s and a member of deceased comics-group MOMCI. He also publishes over 90 auteur comics in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Italy and Belgium.
During the time his focus changed from the comics to the music. He’s a front man (and the only member) of dark-electro project ALONE, and a member of the electro-punk duo ILEGALNE EMOCIJE. Also, he is one of the founders of the independent label Cold Trinity. He has published over 10 albums with different bands, and recently the German label Treue um treue published ALONE retrospective entitled Fossilized in concrete
His most recent project was the selection and publishing compilation Električna post - yu nebriga (thanks to generosity of NAUK ).
Illustration is what he’s doing for a living.

More about compilation:

Links for his music and illustration:

Nenad 'Johnny' Rackovic Painter and performer

He is one of the most known artists from Belgrade, but more for his eccentric look and behavior than for his art. Many would say that he’s an unofficial symbol of Belgrade.
He’s painter, performer, actor, writer, singer… and who knows what else? Everything he’s doing, even in the in the sphere of everyday life, is unusual, provocative and artistic.
“It is characteristic of me not just to equalize life and art, but that artistic experiment has become both an existential one, I interpret existence through art..”
“So in a creative process that developed me I have become, in noblest way possible, a victim of my own art.”

Here you can find a long list of things he’s done:

What you won’t find on the list are the dozens of Rackovic’s spontaneous “tranformans” with which he shocks and confuses his fellow citizens, making them laugh and making them think.

Damir Pavic 'Septic' Illustrator and comic artist

Damir Pavic (aka Septic) is an illustrator and comic artist from Subotica, and was one of the first punk ideologists in the old Yugoslavia. He has published his work in artistic and alternative comic magazines and fanzines all over ex-Yugoslavia, participating in workshops and in many group and solo exhibitions.
At the beginning of the 90’s Damir initiated the anarcho-punk commune HARMONIJA HAOSA and the band with the same name. Most recently he is organizing the Insomnia festival (hc/punk music + drawing workshops + expos).

Here you can see his illustrations and drawings:

Vladimir Palibrk Promoter and producer

On his quiet and unobtrusive way Palibrk has push forward a huge bunch of projects, exhibitions, workshops, festivals, and has published several collections of comic books of Serbian and foreign authors.
There are people who are creative but chaotic, who are creating just because of need or a pleasure, often not even aware of its value; and there are others who are collectors, compilers, who can distinguish what’s valuable and what’s not, and they are this missing link between authors and public. In commercial art scene it’s a job of media, but in Serbian underground scene it’s Palibrk’s job.

Here’s the links to some of his projects:

Mileta Mijatovic Poet and singer

Mileta is howler in the band KLOPKA ZA PIONIRA and he is the one to be thanked for their provocative lyrics. The band has so far published 15 albums, and they have had concerts in Holland, Germany, Italy and all over ex-Yugoslavia.
Mileta publishes Fanzin Ceger, a fanzin screen printed on shopping bags. So far he published 15 issues.
Mileta is one of the founders of music label Ne-ton that focuses on odd, strange, experimental and rare music. Also he is one of the event coordinators in gallery Elektrika, where he organizes concerts and expos.
In 2009. he published his first book of poetry Tranziciona kupoprodaja .
Link for a band:
for a label:
and for a fanzine:

Vladimir Lenhart Musician

Vladimir is a musician, journalist, philosopher, DJ, and he had a main role in the creative documentary Story of Jan Lenhart (made by Marko Cvejic).
Lenhart is member of two bands - KLOPKA ZA PIONIRA and PAMBA, both playing different kinds of noise music. As a collector of cassettes, he started to use ready-made tapes for sampling, first in PAMBA (2007), than in KLOPKA ZA PIONIRA (2008). As a solo performer, he started to manipulate tapes in 2010, and has held dozens of concerts in Serbia, Slovakia and Vienna, and this summer he’s preparing a European tour.
Lenhart is manipulating tapes the old way, using only four walkmans with no effects. His collection consists of loop rhythms as well as traditional songs, coming from, among others sources, Syria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Morocco, Montenegro, propaganda speeches, spoken word material, animal sounds, guitar lessons… He is mixing live radically different tape sounds, resulting in a kind of ethno-dance-noise music. 

Here are the links for his bands and his solo project:

Marko Cvejic Filmmaker

Marko Cvejic is a filmmaker and founder of the independent production company Mandragora Film, and has made over ten short and feature length films. He has also collaborated with several independent production companies in Serbia, Slovenia, Italy and UK. Marko edited and assisted in several of Zelimir Zilnik’s films, has created several theatre plays, and was mentoring at more than twenty workshops in Slovenia and Serbia. Currently he is working as a professor at the DKSG (student cultural centre) Film School of Belgrade.

More about his work at:

Johanna Marcadé Comic artist and editor

She came to Belgrade for an Erasmus and stayed. There she started drawing comics and discovered her strange affection for monkeys. She and Bruno Tolić started a publishing house called Turbo Comix that aims to publish in France independent comics from Serbia and Croatia. The most important project they have completed to date is a book about comics from the region, STRIPOVI/СТРИПОВИ that was distributed in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Johanna is also one of the organizers of the independent comic festival Novo Doba in Belgrade and Pancevo.

Damjan Babic Musician

Damjan has been present for many years on the Belgrade independent music scene and during that time he has played in many bands: in TRENJE and SUPERTON during his studies; later in TUSSILAGO and ZEMLJA BROJ 9; and at the time we were shooting our interview with him his current band KRISKE was forming. KRISKE have participated in various independent events in the Bigz building (Najmanji festival na planeti Zemlji) as well as in group gigs in Belgrade, Serbia and the region.
Beside that Damjan has composed and played music in several movies (Life and Death of a Porno Gang, Blue Train, Yelena’s World) and currently he’s playing guitar in the theatre performance Spring Awakening.

Here’s the link for Kriske:

Marc Schneider Photographer

Marc is a self-educated photographer from Germany and a former active member of the squatter scene. He has been into photography since 1990. For four years he was taking photographs of all events on the east-German ship/cultural transporter 'MS Stubnitz' ( on which he lived and by which he travelled. At the end of the 90’s, and ever since, he has been cooperating with organizations and groups that deal with art as well as with young people and people excluded from society. Since 2002. he has been living alternately in Germany and in various ex-Yugoslavian countries, but most often in Belgrade. Since 2006. he is a member, manager, photographer and chauffeur of the Sedmokraka conspiracy group, whose members produce unlistenable music and are called KLOPKA ZA PIONIRA.
Mark exhibited in Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Japan and Serbia. Lately, he is working more on the combining of photography with other media.

Mark’s blog:

Jovana Petrovic Musician

Jovana Petrovic is a girl and a drummer. A drummer girl. Quite a rare kind in our region. She’s playing in 2 bands: THREESOME and METAK ZA ZLIKOVCA, and she studies library and information science.

Links for bands:

Dejan Cancarevic Poet

Dejan is a poet from Pancevo. He graduated in Serbian and world literature, and he’s working as a teacher in a high school.
So far he has published three poetry books: Gravitacija (2005.), 1871 (narativnost.patriotizam) (2007.) and Svakodnevlje (2009).

Link for his blog:

Vyrash Karūnos and Jisišgirdo Rūpinasi Musicians

V. K. & J.R.are immigrants from Lithuania and members of the band BICIKL.
The band was formed in Belgrade in the autumn of 2008, with the idea to promote old Lithuanian pagan traditions and gather other Lithuanians living in Serbia who also respect pagan values.
The collective now has many members operating on the open-source principals of free improvisation, where no one is necessary and everyone is welcome, which leads to the fact that the group changes its line-up for every performance.
BICIKL creates in a chaotic atmosphere with frequent instrument rotations, where everyone plays what he/she feels like at the moment.
To date they have held a dozen concerts in Serbia.

Go ahead, check out what they’re doing:

Bosko and Ida Musicians

Bosko and Ida are members of a mysterious band called ZASTRANIENIE (one of the bands represented in the Električna post - yu nebriga compilation As far as we know they have never had a single concert or show in public without wearing masks. There is an urban legend that says “whoever sees their faces will die within 3 days”. But don’t be afraid - nothing bad will happen if you just listen to their music:

Igor Petrusic Musician

Igor is a musician and student of astrophysics. When we met him he was supporting himself by selling handmade jewelry in the main pedestrian street of Belgrade.

Link for his band PRESOVANE GLAVE:

Katie Woznicki Rap singer and comic artist

Katie is a comic artist/musician/linguist/English teacher from USA who lives in Belgrade. Her comics include Lunkheads, a monthly, one page, deadpan strip that depicts a group of roommates who lead lives that are somehow mundane and ridiculous at the same time. She has also drawn comics for the Italian fanzine Crack! and Croatia’s Komikaze. Her alter-ego KOPY KAT KILLAH is a hard-core male rapper trapped in the body of a 20 something, white, female with rich parents. This leads to a lot internal conflicts, as well as a lot of rhymes and beats that will make your jaw drop and your ass shake.

Here you can hear her music and see her comics:

Ivan Tijardovic Anti-fa activist

Ivan is a student of sociology and an Anti-fa activist. He says about himself: “My nickname is Sefet and I’m on this scene for a couple of years. I’m into street activism, but also into other ways of fight against the extreme right. I’m in the anti-authority circle for last 3 years and now it’s more like a way of life for me.”

Alex Lui Photographer

Alex is a photographer from the USA, who lives and works in Japan and often roams the world. We met him by pure chance and then realized that we’re looking for a same thing: Belgrade’s underground music scene.

Veljko Onjin Icon of underground

Veljko is motherfucking icon of underground from Pancevo, and no one knows about him.